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Chris Luquette

Chris Luquette Joins the Ensemble of Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen

Frank solivan and Dirty KitchenFrank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen started off the year pretty hot and heavy. Except for the temperatures on their "Way Up North To Alaska Tour" in January. It wasn't very hot there. It was minus 35 when we landed in Fairbanks! The band's good friend Chris Luquette filled in on guitar for us up north. He did an incredible job. In fact, he did so well, they offered him the job. The official public announcement of his new venture with Dirty Kitchen was from stage at Wintergrass Bluegrass Festival in Bellevue, Washington last month.

Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen Bring in 2012 with New Pickers and Show

Danny BoothFrank Solivan closed out 2011 with Danny Booth's first tour as an official member of Dirty Kitchen and it was Lincoln's last performances with the band. Lincoln wanted to start spending more time at home off the road. as you all know, FS&DK is really starting to ramp up. Frank says, "Linc is a dear friend and awesome musician. We support his next chapter. The whole FS&DK team would like to thank him for his commitment to the band and all the great music and shared experiences."

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